Think you'd be a great fit for RAIA? We're looking for incredible people who embody our key values and want to help us in our mission.

Our mission is to revolutionise the athleisure experience.
In an industry that is largely defined by either luxury price points or mass production, coupled with experiences that are stale and impersonal, we want to do things differently.
We believe in products that are authentic and full of sentiment, that push the boundaries of self-expression. We believe in experiences that are personal, motivating and inspiring. We believe in high quality created responsibly. And most importantly, we believe in creating a brand that is inclusive and empowering.
We are a team united by this mission. We break down boundaries together, we learn together, and we grow together. We value everyone’s skills and experiences, but we value your beliefs, character and attitude so much more.

And we rise above it all.


No positions available at the moment.

Rise Above It All